The Mission of English in Nature

From a young age, I learned to see “Mother Nature” as our greatest, wisest teacher. My mission became finding the best ways to give this same chance to as many other people, of any age, as possible.

Whether you’re a student of Nature or a teacher of English, or whether you are a teacher or a learner, or you’re the parent who gets the kids outdoors any chance you get, the same applies:

The tips, information and materials you find here on this site are designed to give you the boost you need, right away!

My aim is to help you and your children (or pupils) to enjoy learning about nature, wildlife and sustainability in English.

Teachers and parents:

I’m here to put the tools into your hands that will allow you to create the nature and sustainability learning programs that you want to teach, that use content that awakens and encourages curiosity and creativity.

Once the curiosity is there, anything goes!

Even if you’ve never taught English before, while using and improving your own English skills, you and your students will also boost your knowledge of nature and wildlife, sharpen your self-reliance and outdoor skills, and be able to create a more sustainable home, lifestyle and community.

 There’s much more to English in Nature than meets the eye. Nonetheless, the steps and materials are easy to follow and use, the activities are fun and the methods are effective.

My goal is to provide you with the inspiration, tips, motivation, encouragement and support you need and want, to see that you succeed!