What is English in Nature all about? [Free Sample Activities]

What is English in Nature all about?

We are just getting started but here are 36 of the most fun activties you can do while practicing English in Nature.

Many of these activities are personal favorites of mine that I’d been teaching for years, before I’d even heard of the concept of CLIL (short for “content and language integrated learning”). Most are workshops I’ve taught in both Engilsh and German to speakers of either language. All are adapted to be suited to English-language learners and can be matched to the age and proficiency levels of any learners.

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As you’ll see in the samples, the structure of the lessons and some of the methods are quite different to those designed for native speakers, even where the content may be essentially the same. There are also important differences between this kind of lesson and conventional language lessons.

  1. Nature Journal Writing
  2. Habitat-Mapping & Orienteering
  3. Nature Shadow Theater: Nature Folk & Fairy Tales
  4. Treasure Hunt & The Art of Tracking
  5. 12 Wild Herbs to Identify and Use
  6. Ecosystem Pond & Stream
  7. Ecosystem Woodlands & Meadows
  8. Bees, Butterflies & Other Pollinators
  9. Creatures of the Night: Bats, Rats, Cats, Moths & Owls
  10. By Land, By Water: Amphibious Adaptations
  11. Candle-Making with Beeswax
  12. Weaving with Willow
  13. Tree-Free Paper-Making
  14. Felting with Wool and Other Fibers
  15. Winter Tree ID & Bud Pushing
  16. Oh Deer! Natural Jewelry Workshop
  17. Herbarium: Build A Plant-Press Workshop
  18. Composting: How to Make Farmer’s Gold
  19. Starting a Teaching Garden
  20. Insect Hotel Workshop
  21. Bird Feeder Workshop
  22. Bat Box Workshop
  23. Wild Foods Workshop
  24. Fire Baker Workshop
  25. Wacky Woodland Olympics
  26. The Tiny Seed & The Great Nut (Dispersal)
  27. Inside Flowers
  28. Catching Bugs & Making Wishes
  29. A Year in the Life of a Frog
  30. Migration Headaches & Nest Building
  31. Animal Homes: Tireless, Genious Builders
  32. Nature’s Remedies: Home-made Health- & Homecare
  33. The Writer’s Quill & Other Uses of a Feather
  34. Making Earth Art Using Nature’s Palette
  35. Insect Expedition: Meeting Earth’s Most Numerous Creatures
  36. Upcycling, Not Downcycling, for Young Engineers
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